The Process

The Process is what I do. The Process is a cycle of life energy flow restoration. It is harmonised with nature and the needs of everyone. It starts in the energised room and it elevates:

Due to the contemporary way of life people lose contact with themselves. We hurry all the time and become puppets in the hands of others who dictate our way and tempo of life. The Process brings us back to begin to feel our real self rather than the made-up one and the dictated one as dictated by society and individuals. The aim is to be honest with one-self, to see the truth, hear our thoughts, respect them and trust them to the point to enable us to fully develop and realise our own potentials. The aim of the Process is to make us become aware of the fact that we alone are the painters of our lives, and above all, that we are caring, loving ourselves, others and nature. The aim of the Process is to return us to the path where we shall live our lives. In the Life Force Energy Spa all this can be achieved and you can start from the beginning. At every moment.

When going through the Process, you will feel the flow of life energy again and learn how to reach the balance between the psychological and physical, between the soul and body. This is also because of the approach which is simple and natural - like breathing. When we let go, the energy starts flowing. When an uninterrupted flow of life energy is attained, all vital organs and other systems get energy which is essential for their optimum functions. This is how people get new strength, new drive and internal piece. From the old we grow into the new.

Sometimes people are their own worst enemies; we block ourselves with our own negative thoughts and thus we move in a circle without any advance, stuck in a phase of comfort which lulls us to sleep. Therefore, we change nothing; this, however, obstructs our step forward towards cleansing ourselves. Take a decision, a decision to take the responsibility for yourself and your life. Through the Process you will realise the importance of a clear and awakened mind which will indicate your path and open the door to a new and full life.

The Process is adjusted to the time and place in which we life. This is a complementary approach combining ancient traditional methods with the knowledge of contemporary modern techniques and psychology. It consists of three stages; each stage entails eight sessions (one hour twice a week, subject to appointments).It is suitable for anyone above 10 years of age. The results are promptly visible in every-day life activities, as illustrated by the stories of those who have already treated themselves with the Process.

With the Process you will start your own Process. With simple regular daily exercises which will ensure the flow of life energy, you will acquire the Process, change it and make it your own. This will be my gift for your road to a new full life.

Price: 8 sessions = 240 EUR/person

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