Helena Simončič
I can say that visiting the Life Force Energy Spa meant a step forward in my life. I took off my old skin which obstructed me all the time as a coat too tight for my body but whose stitches wouldn’t let go. I’ve become more self-confident, much stronger and emotionally more stable. My medical problems have somehow vanished, too. Each phase of the process brought significant changes in my mental, emotional, spiritual and medical condition - I changed! My husband says, for the better. That’s what counts.
Simona Fridrih
I’d been trying to get pregnant for a long time. When one day I succeeded, the pregnancy was extra-uterine. Due to tubal removal and other numerous difficulties, including the fact that each year I was older, my chances of staying pregnant were diminishing. My doctor sent me to in vitro fertilisation. This too was twice unsuccessful, while I grew more and more disappointed fearing that I’ll probably never succeed.
I started looking for alternatives and my road brought me to Andreja; I believe she helped me. My life, which at the time was lingering at the same point and moving nowhere, suddenly started to change. All I wanted and tried to achieve started to come true in a very short space of time. I got pregnant after the very first attempt, I moved my home and changed my job. All of a sudden my fears about how to cope with everything disappeared, and things started moving in the right direction. For this reason I’m extremely thankful to Andreja and when I need her again, I’ll return to her.”
My response to daily stressful situations at work has dramatically changed. I’m much more peaceful inside, regardless of outside stress. My sleep has improved.
Kaja Budič
Karate means everything to me; I’ve been training in this sport since I was eight. I had problems with self-confidence and nervousness before matches. After having finished the second phase of the process, this became the past for me and my results improved. I became a national champion in karate.
Damjan Tomše
I’ve had medical problems with my spine. Every day I used to take painkillers. I was unable to do anything. I couldn’t drive a car; I simply didn’t have enough strength. My blood pressure was 200/120, in spite of tablets. It was difficult for me to be with other people. My body was trembling. Through the process in the Life Force Energy Spa my physical and mental conditions improved. I’m able to carry out my daily routine, I can drive the car. I only rarely take painkillers. I still take blood pressure tablets; however, the pressure is now normal. I no longer fear other people. I regularly do the exercises and I can feel how they enliven my body. All the positive changes didn’t result only in my feeling better but also all my family members feel better.
Mateja Ovčarič
When you no longer know how and what... At Andreja's, in the Life Force Energy Spa, I regained the energy, positive thinking and ‘automatic regulation’ of wanted goals. Very unhappy, betrayed at my work place, depressed, sad, disappointed... After eight sessions in the Life Force Energy Spa, these feelings vanished: after three sessions, a noticeable change took place, and after eight sessions a complete twist happened. Happiness, a new job, joy, health - wonderful! Since it was difficult for me to decide on visiting the Life Force Energy Spa (I was encouraged by a friend, as I was drained of all good energy), I’m happy now to have taken that step. I deeply recommend it to every soul and body.
Katja Račič
After the second phase the pain in the upper part of the back disappeared. My circulation improved - I’m no longer cold! My palms and feet are warm. I gained self-confidence and self-respect. I think positively and take a much wider view.
Tina Tomše
I often had stomach aches. I had problems with digestion. I had to be careful about what I was eating as after certain foods my constipation got even worse. I went to Andreja and now I do the exercises every day. I no longer suffer from stomach ache. My mum would make syrups for me to help me; now I don’t need them anymore.
Ever since my grammar-school days I’ve been reading and collecting books for spiritual growth, about life after death, universe and higher level energies. Questions like who am I, where do I go, what is my mission in this life, what experiences am I to have, have touched me in different periods of my life and at various emotional stages. However, in spite of my interest and having been reading this type of literature all the time, I had been in a kind of shell for several years, without really perceiving life, above all without perceiving myself. I closed up and let other people rule over my body and mind. However, a voice inside me started to become louder and I became aware that I had to do something for myself, look for and find myself - the one who I once had been. Recommended by a friend I found the Life Force Energy Spa and there the positive, heartfelt and well-meaning advice of Andreja. With her understanding words and energy she awakened the feeling of my own worth in me, my self-respect and self-confidence. I’m now trying to interweave all this into my daily challenges and I feel I’ve been succeeding in rediscovering my own core and my light.
The stay at Andrejas Place was a great experience for my body and my Soul, which still lasts. The sleeping room is full with love and the music and vibrations under the mattress is something really special which supported my whole regeneration. I do a kind of Meditation for years, but I never had such a deep experience of not thinking, just being, when I did the exercises in her room. Afterwards I was full of love and joy. In these days it is rare in the world finding places which give you such positive energy and reload your batteries. So your Soul and Body recieve healing.
It was an unique experience being in Andrejas place. Working with her in her practising room drove me comfortable and warm. She appeared to me as such a great person, so that exercising with her filled me with much love and gave me a new thinking of life. Sleeping in her apartment was such an honor, because the rooms looked so nice and the bed is the nicest I've ever slept in. Generally speaking, joining my time with Andreja was a completely new discovery of myself. I would definitely come back to Slovenia to take the chance finding more of my qualities to make my life fulfilling.
Thank you for this start into a better life!
Every night when I went to bed, I had rheumatic pain in my legs. I used various ointments, but nothing really helped. After I’d finished the first phase, and with regular exercises, the pain in my legs disappeared. I learned how to breathe properly (majority of people are not aware of the importance of proper breathing) and how to keep negative feelings (fear, panic, anger, etc.) under control. I no longer keep anxiety inside me. I can speak my opinion. I look after myself and stand up for myself, not only for other people.
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