About me

My name is Andreja. I was born to a family who owned a country pub with an 80-year long tradition. For a long time I couldn’t understand what was the origin of my need to help other people; this need was constantly present in me. My parents gave me everything and did everything they could for me. However, nobody taught them how life in a pub affects a person while growing up. The genuine and pretended happiness, laughter, tears and despair of people who were entering my life daily had a deep impact on me and also affected by educational route.

I got by degree from Ljubljana Faculty of Philosophy where I read psychology, while when travelling in the Eastern countries I was impressed by their holistic attitude to a man. I upgraded my knowledge at several courses and seminars at home and abroad. I then gathered all this knowledge and made something which is my own - Process.
I created my Place where I wish to help people who wish to receive such help. I am happy that I can do what I do. I am happy because I can help people. I am happy when I read or hear their new stories.
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